Who We Are

I'm thrilled to announce the creation of Heartworks Gallery, my concept to promote and sell original artists' works without gallery commissions or mark-ups for myself and a larger group of very skilled and talented community-involved artists. 

Who is represented here?  Professionals who have pursued their unique art while teaching, mentoring teens with special needs, assisting detained immigrant families, volunteering for wildlife rescue, hospitals and other non-profit organizations.  Our artists have passion for art and compassion for others.

At Heartworks, the value of art is not judged based on an artist's degrees, exhibitions, or investment value.  We recognize that each of these has significance, but we also acknowledge that the art market is not a level playing field for most artists.  Each of us has our own intuitive appreciation of what we see.  Our goal is to present a variety of work in different media that will appeal to a wide cross section of people.

The physical location of Heartworks Gallery shares space with Raymond Klumb Architect (my husband) in Pearce, AZ.  Given the 'no additional overhead' of this opportunity, we can offer original art without the 100% mark-up required by traditional brick and mortar galleries.  Profits from all sales go directly to the individual artist!  Currently our price range for original works is $150- 500. 

Our Secondary Market features currently owned works for sale by collectors at prices below the original gallery cost - a chance to find art treasures!


We have decided to forego a true e-commerce site with "buy now" options.  Our philosophy is that an art purchase is special. We want to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that your experience buying art from us is a happy one, a personal one.  Need additional photos of what you're buying?  Want to see it hanging on a wall?  Want to know more about the artist?  Just give us a call at 520-645-5600, we want to talk to you!


We also know that art really needs to be appreciated in person (and on your wall).  Heartworks Gallery offers refunds on all artwork purchased via the website should it not meet your expectation after it arrives.  We want you to feel great about your purchase and experience. 

We hope that when you check our website, you will see that we feature some very special artists, powerful and mature in their work and their vision.  It's about Art and about who we Are.  Together we hope to bring to you our Heartworks.

                                              - Kathleen Benyak 

                                                Artist and Founder of Heartworks Gallery

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