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Kathleen Benyak's 25-year career in Architecture and Commercial Interior Design laid the foundation for her artwork.  Favoring the Modernists, Abstract Expressionists and their bold use of color, she has worked in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor.  Her love of jewelry design and colored gemstones led her to study jewelry making in Santa Fe.  Her artisan jewelry has sold at two galleries in Santa Fe.  Her paintings shown in galleries in Bisbee, AZ, Santa Fe, NM as well as exhibited at several business locations in southern Arizona.  Current work is on display and for sale in the historic two-story bank building that is now the Keeling Schaefer Wine Tasting Room in Willcox, AZ.  She has started Heartworks Gallery to provide a second physical location and on-line site for the sale of original art without the mark-up of traditional brick and mortar galleries.


Kathleen lives near the beautiful Cochise Stronghold in SE Arizona and volunteers for both the Tucson VA Hospital and The Tucson Wildlife Rescue Center. She has donated many recent works to fundraising for animal charities and other non-profit organizations.  It has been her goal to create an on-line gallery featuring and promoting the work of fellow community-involved artists who share her passion for art.  


"I am lured by the full spectrum of color and express this in almost all of my work.  My compositions are inspired by many things: the Earth and it's patterns from high above, architectural forms, weather, geological formations, sea life, celestial events and other natural phenomena.


Each medium has it's own challenge.  Watercolor is a favorite of mine because it allows flow and a serendipitous outcome.  Some of my paintings begin with an image in mind.  Others are a true abstract dialog that occurs by putting paint to paper and seeing what transpires.  All of it delights me.  My artwork is joyously colorful and from the heart.  I hope it will bring pleasure to the viewer."