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Ryan Hunter has always chosen to integrate career and creativity.  Starting in his early 20’s he worked at a large chain art supply store as a merchandiser and as a supplier for museum restoration in New York City.  The 10 years in New York City allowed him to hone his skill as an artist as well as having an outlet to become a visual performance artist in the nightlife queer community.  Ryan took his ability to have an idea, create a concept and manifest it into a way of being self-sufficient by holding several shows and using his performance art as an income.


In his mid 30's he discovered that his skill and artistic talents were a strong force capable of affecting change and he shifted his creative focus to art therapy.  At this point, opportunity led him to move to Bisbee Arizona, where he began working with young adults with cognitive disabilities, using art as a way to build motor and problem-solving skills.  Ryan continued to pursue this direction of utilizing art as a way of making connections with others and building reinforced confidence in people that needed guidance. He became a behavioral health technician within an organization that surrounded and promoted mental health recovery through art. 


The visual aspect of Ryan's art uses signaling through imagery. The technique is loose ended and cartoon like. He uses familiar imagery and broken concepts of religious aspects through runny paints, wide bold unkempt lines and multitudes of color.


"A man with an idea is just a man with a thought, but if a man takes his ideas and transforms them into visual content then the idea becomes a connection with others.  My Art is my church - it becomes my word and my gospel.  Let your work become your voice and your voice become your church.  Don't let your church become your commodity. Your creativity is your gift and should be shared with others for its' inspiration is the notion that we are all connected."

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