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Privacy Policy Terms

Heartworks Gallery welcomes you to this website.  By viewing the pages of this website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the disclaimers and legal stuff listed below.


  • Everything on this site is copyrighted unless otherwise noted.

  • Copyright Law protects the Artist Copyright in their original artworks.

  • All viewers should be aware that Copyright of the artworks located on this website remain the exclusive property of the Artist.

  • Copyright is administered by Heartworks Gallery, the Artists or their agents.  Artworks may be viewed only for the purposes of buyer browsing. No downloads are permitted.

  • No reproduction may be made of any of the artworks from this website for commercial use for any reason without first receiving written permission from the Gallery, the Artists or their agents.

  • Heartworks Gallery is the copyright owner for all other aspects of this website including text, photographs and website design unless otherwise noted.

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