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Kathryn Hall Reynolds is an intuitive artist.  She discovered painting during the time she was caregiver to her mother who had Parkinson's disease.  "She was unable to do much but she could put a brush to the canvas."  Her mother's bravery and effort to paint while she had so little function, greatly inspired Kathryn to continue after she passed.  

Kathryn's love of color, symbols and her work as a healer in the holistic field of medicine inspires and guides her to a more soulful and spiritual creative approach.  Some of her paintings have sold in galleries, open studios and art shows.  Her intimate in-person work shops have empowered a small network of novice painters.  The volunteer work she does with immigrants has also inspired a more open and compassionate heart to the art she makes.

"The simple act of dragging your fingers across a blank canvas with enough intention and curiosity can be powerful.  When you trust and honor the innate wisdom of body, mind and spirit to create something out of nothing, you willingly put yourself in the driver's seat with no map and no clear destination.  This is especially true when it comes to intuitive painting.  Intuitive painting offers a rare and wonderful opportunity to loosen my grip on control and dig beneath the surface of my daily existence, responding spontaneously to ever evolving circumstances.  In this way, painting allows me to become the alchemist of my own unique experience while providing a tangible vehicle for expressing them to the world."

To see a full offering of Katie's work, please see the link to her own website on her available works page.

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