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Sylvia Garland has spent a passionate lifetime pursuing her art in conjunction with a career in teaching and student counselling that spanned 25 years in the New York school system.  During this time Sylvia was also a volunteer at Long Beach Hospital in Long Beach, NY.  After retiring from her teaching career, she moved to Tucson, AZ full time and participated in many painting and printmaking programs.  She is active in the arts community and continues her work at her studio in Tuscon.  Her education in the arts included studies at the High School of Music and Art, NYC, a BA and MA from Hofstra University, NYC, the School of Visual Arts, NYC and Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ.

Sylvia has exhibited her work in many Arizona galleries, community centers, and other retail venues.  See the list below:

1998 - 2020   55 Main Gallery, Bisbee AZ

2019   Cube Gallery, Tucson AZ

2010, 2018, 2019   Contreras Gallery, Tucson AZ

2014   Aldea Showcase Oct - Dec, Tucson AZ

2011   Jewish Community Center, Tucson AZ

2002   TPAC "Hands On Prints" May, Tucson AZ

2002   GOCAIA Gallery, Invitational, Tucson AZ

2001   Gallery 410, Miniature Show, Tucson AZ

2001   GOCAIA Gallery, Mystery Show, Tucson AZ

1999 - 2001   ARTE SPAZIO, Tucson AZ

2001   GOCAIA Gallery, Cultural Connection, Tucson AZ

2001  Tucson International Airport, May - Jun, Tucson AZ

2000   Hacienda Del Sol Resort, Jan exhibit, Tucson AZ

2000   International Arts Center, April exhibit, Tucson AZ

2000   Grandy Gammage Center, Mar exhibit, Tempe AZ

1999   Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art, Tucson AZ

1999   Apparatus Gallery, Religious Exposition, Tucson AZ

1998 - 2002   Tucson Museum of Art Shop, Pen Woman                annual art show, Tucson AZ

1999 - 2002   Canyon Ranch, Tucson AZ

1999   Apparatus Gallery, Botanical Show, Tucson AZ

1999   Trimarchi Fine Arts Gallery,  Jonesboro AK

1998 - 2000   Aspen Fine Arts Gallery,  Flagstaff AZ

"It's has been a wonderous experience for me, almost a renaissance.  Painting as a child, skipping to adolescence, art school, career in teaching and counseling, then back to art as an older adult.  Starting in New York City then moving to Tucson in the 90's, what special times!

To be able to paint has provided me with an opportunity to combine various aspects of my being.  My paintings and monotypes develop in pretty much the same way.  Starting with a small object, usually a seed pod or a leaf, I develop my work around it.  I explore different compositions with many layers of paint until I feel that everything works.  The final work is a compilation of my feelings and my aesthetics - my painting.

As a high school counselor, I had many opportunities to work with and help students.  Now with the crisis that our world is in, I find it necessary to help anyone in need."

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